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Samsung Galaxy SIII Video Review

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Samsung’s latest and greatest has hit the market with aplomb, proving to be extremely popular in just a few weeks. And it’s hardly a surprise, with a long and impressive specs sheet along with a very attractive design.

We can’t hide it; we’ve been very impressed with the phone and have taken it to using it as our everyday phone since receiving it. Despite a huge 4.8-inch screen, the slim and sleek design lends it a certain comfort that you would expect to experience in the palm of your hand.

While it may not have the best screen in the business – the HTC One X takes care of that title – it has a large, bright and very colourful display. Games look great and they play even better thanks to the speedy quad-core processor that Samsung created itself. In our video you can see just how lag-free and zippy the phone is when panning through homescreens and menus, multitasking and opening up new apps.

We show off the impressive 8-megapixel camera too, which has a stunning macro performance, great quality Full HD 1080p video and a clever customisable interface to make things easy.

Android 4.0 is onboard with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. We’ve never been huge fans of the latter, but the new version called ‘Nature UX’ has really grabbed us. It isn’t cluttered, it’s intuitive and fast to boot. Some may not be fans of the cartoony icons and design, but for us it works just fine.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is available now on all major UK networks and SIM-Free for around £500.

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