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Samsung HD Super AMOLED Screens to Display “Tizen” OS – Even Sharper than Galaxy SIII with Android ICS

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Last week an unknown Samsung handset was captured on video handling the upcoming open source operating software, Tizen, which will feature elements of the Korean manufacturer’s native Bada software as well as contributions from a number of other developers.

The gadget seen was believed to be a Samsung prototype for hosting the new Tizen platform and it was reported that the handset features a respectable 1.2GHz dual-core CPU with 4.3” HD display. We didn’t dwell too much on that description at the time but now it’s been noted that Samsung hasn’t released a High Definition version of its Super AMOLED yet, but presumably any device they would manufacture will come with the exclusive screen tech.

The standard Super AMOLED display design on Samsung’s latest and so-far greatest – the quad-core Galaxy SIII – which was launched 11 days ago, accompanied by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, could be put to shame by the HD Super AMOLED screen on this new Tizen gadget which is suggested to be the Samsung GT-I9500.

On the surface, HD Super AMOLED would be a surprising addition to a device carrying a fledgling operating system, but let’s not forget it wasn’t an Android-packing Galaxy that debuted the first Super AMOLED display – but rather the Samsung Wave, carrying the Bada software from which Tizen borrows its backbone.

We’ll be following this one closely and bringing our readers the latest updates on the Tizen operating software and Samsung’s HD Super AMOLED packing prototype.

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