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Samsung Norway’s Response to Galaxy S6 Rumours is Unexpectedly Brilliant

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While global tech giant Samsung busies itself with promoting the launch of the company’s latest flagship smartphone its Norwegian division has been cheekily mocking the rumours regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6 by releasing a series of teaser images of its own.

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The actual Samsung Galaxy S6 is to be launched at an Unpacked event on March the 1st – a day before this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and as per usual information relating to the Android based handset is being kept under lock and key. Samsung has been teasing some of its features on social media, including the benchmark record-setting Exynos 7240 octa-core processor and 20-megapixel camera, but as of yet has shown nothing of the hardware itself.

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Samsung Norway’s promotion of Next Galaxy is rather more tongue-in-cheek and instead of hiding the handset away they have released five pictures of the most intriguing interpretations of what the Galaxy S6 could look like, based on some of more note-worthy speculations we’ve been reading online.

Among the rumours that get answered are the possibilities of the Samsung Galaxy S6 coming with an all glass casing, forward facing speakers and a display reaching three sides. These are all perfectly feasible ideas but the realisations of them in this collection of handset renders are so far out and bizarre that if any do turn out to be the genuine article we’ll eat our proverbial hat!

We’re really amused that during these important weeks leading into undoubtedly its biggest product launch of the year Samsung Norway has taken the time to poke fun at the consumer anticipation and its own company with just days to go until MWC where both a regular flat screen and curved ‘edge’ screen Galaxy S6 are expected to make their first legit appearance.

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