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Samsung releases Galaxy S4 teaser – What’s in the box?

Samsung has decided to tease fans of its Galaxy smartphones with an amusing and slightly odd video ahead of its March 14th event in New York City. It would seem that until then, a small boy is guarding the Galaxy S4.

If we’re honest, we preferred Samsung’s teasing video for last year’s Galaxy S3 – this one doesn’t really give much away, although we’re pretty sure that the phone itself makes an appearance for a few seconds.

The premise of the video is that a very important little boy is given a white box with ‘Samsung Mobile Unpacked’ on the side, and within is a big, glowing secret. Of course, the Korean manufacturer is attempting to build hype for the Galaxy S4 before officially launching it later this month.

The lucky little fellow rocks up to an office in New York in a Rolls Royce, to be greeted by a suited business-type fellow who at the beginning is using a large black phone for a few seconds – could it be the phone we’re all waiting to see? Probably, knowing Samsung, but unfortunately it’s indistinguishable in the vid.

We see the child open the box and almost get blinded from the light emitted from within – we’re pretty sure the LED flash on Samsung’s hot new mobile won’t quite be that bright, however.

We’ll find out for sure on March 14th, so stay tuned to hear the latest as Samsung reveals it. In the meantime have a look at the video and let us know what you think.