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Samsung ships 10 million Galaxy S5 units in 25 days

Samsung may have may have surprised them-selves with this one, the S5 has taken off in a way that even they couldn’t have imagined. Reports from South Korea where the company is based suggest the company has surpassed 10 million Samsung Galaxy S5 shipments in just 25 days. A massive increase on the amount in such a short time, the S4 did manage this but in 30 days down 20 days from the S3, showing a healthy growth in the popularity of Samsung’s phones.

Points to note though, these are the shipped amount of S5s, these only means retailers and carriers have bought 10 million S5s there are no figures yet to suggest how many of these 10 million units have actually sold. The “sell-through” is what’s actually going into consumers’ hands. It will be interesting to see how these two figures compare.

As far as Samsung will be concerned though shipped is as good as sold to Samsung, as they are hopefully confident that retailers will be able to move those units with relative ease no issues.

It’s probably worth pointing out that this is the first device Samsung has launched in over 100 countries on the same day. This would explain how they were able to ship so many in such a short time span compared to last year’s model, which has sold over 40 million units last time they released stats.

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There is some bad press going around on the internet accusing the device of having “subpar design”, but it doesn’t appear to be affecting sells and it seem like not much will stop the Samsung bandwagon. This is a market where the likes of HTC, LG and Sony putting forth their best work ever, it’s still selling well.

There is only one other company out there who seem likely to put forward a challenge to Samsung at this stage, you know the company that uses that other operating system on its phones.