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Samsung tell us must-know facts about Galaxy Note Edge

Since the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, there has been many questions about the devices unique selling point – the curved-screen. Well Samsung, have been listening to your comments and decided to give some detailed information about the upcoming smartphone, which hopefully should reassure users intending on purchasing the new device.

Samsung have revealed in a blog post that one of the major fears that potential users have about purchasing the phone is that the curved screen will easily crack if dropped on its side. Samsung have responded to this by saying that during development of the handset, it has had no less than 1000 drop tests performed from various angles to try and simulate as accurately as possible the ways in which the phone could potentially be dropped, and from the results it has shown that it is very durable indeed – which is likely to be down to the fact that the Galaxy Note Edge features a metal frame.

Another point raised was unintended touches on the curved screen when being held. The answer to this is that Samsung have developed software that is able tell the difference between when the device is being held in the hand and a touch of the finger. Therefore, in theory, unintended screen touches should be non-existent when holding it in your hand.

Samsung also added that design is central to the development of the Galaxy Note Edge, and understands that most users like to have a nice uniform looking device (essentially a relatively normal looking phone). Now while the right hand side of the handset is curved, Samsung have also curved the opposite side, this is to ensure a comfortable grip when held, but also from an aesthetical point – it ensures the phone looks good too.

Finally, Samsung wanted to stress the point and it’s not just a curved screen for the sake of it, with the release of the Edge Screen SDK, it allows developers to think of cool new ways they can adapt their current apps to utilise the functionality of the curved edge.

The Galaxy Note Edge is up for pre-order now from various retailers, with a release date in the UK set for the 28th November.