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Samsung Wrap-around Smartphone Screen Teased in Patent

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A Samsung patent just recently made public reveals the company’s plan to introduce a ‘wrap-around’ display to some of its future Android smartphones and touchscreen devices.

The Korean company registered the patent back in May 2013 with the proposed design giving reference to a ‘bended’ display but not the anticipated flexible tech which has been in the works for some time and sampled at CES this year.

The accompanying imagery shows a screen that would actually go beyond the usual bezel edge and continue around the left and right sides of the phone which would be curved. This concept also suggests that physical buttons such as volume and on/off usually found along the side edges on devices like the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 would be replaced by touch icons.

This partial wrap-around could also offer potential quick access to favourite Android apps or to perform lower level tasks, perhaps unlock features or visual notifications. This frees up the touch area on the front surface of the screen which can be used for other more important jobs.

Samsung continues to push the boundaries of traditional mobile screen standards and following up from news of the Galaxy Round, which features a concave display, this patent definitely offers food for thought as we prepare for the next big Samsung smartphone launch – the Samsung Galaxy S5. With the company now producing its own flexible OLED displays, the possibilities for whacky new smartphone shapes are endless. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the development of this one.