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How To: Take a Screenshot on the HTC One X, One S and One V

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HTC’s excellent One range of smartphones are now all out in the shops, ranging from the entry-level One V that has a touch of the HTC Legend about it, through to the ultra-slim One S and the quad-core One X.

We’ve noticed that the phones are particularly popular here in the UK already, so we’re always on the look-out for top tips for our readers. Today we’ve got a quick and simple tip that will help owners of all three One smartphones: how to take a screenshot.

With HTC smartphones there has always been one way of taking screenshots, but with the One range there are two. The first we’ll show you is the method that has always been around, which involves holding the power button followed by a tap on the Home Button.

HTC says you need to press both together at the same time, but we’ve found it to be much easier if you begin by holding the power button, then tapping the home button and letting go of both at the same time. You’ll know that it worked if you see the screen flash white, and the screenshot will be stored in the Gallery app.

The second method is a little easier and requires less hand stretching. You’ll need to press down the power button and the volume down button together at the same time, hold for a second and then release. With this method the phone will make a shutter sound as if you’re taking a picture, and show the screenshot within a frame on your phone’s screen for a second. Again, with this method the screenshot will be saved to the Gallery app.

Why would you want to take a screenshot? This feature could come in handy if you’re having a particular problem with your handset, and need to show a support representative at HTC or at your retailer. It could also be useful for saving a funny text and uploading the picture online, saving your highscore in a game and many more uses. Enjoy!

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