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SEGA & EA Origin Announce PC Games Publishing Partnership

SEGA has joined forces with Electronic Arts to bring its reputable gaming line to the EA Origin platform for Windows PC.

One time console-maker and veteran games co. SEGA is now a dedicated software publisher providing titles on a wide range of consoles from Xbox 360 to Nintendo Wii, as well as publishing app games for Android gadgets and Apple iPhone and iPad tablet. The Japanese-based firm has now struck a publishing deal with EA Games to bring a range of top gaming titles to the Origin service, which allows gamers to seek out new games such as Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai, purchasing them through the internet to download them to the PC rather than going to a store and buying a game in “physical” format.

SEGA joins several other respected games publishers, including Team 17 and Rebellion on the EA Origin platform. Electronic Arts says “By partnering with publishers like SEGA, we’re able to bring even more of the industry’s best games to players on Origin. With 11 million registered users around the world, Origin is fast becoming the destination for consumers looking for fresh new content to play with their friends.”

SEGA shares this enthusiasm and addresses the digital download revolution saying “The PC Market is continuing to grow and the prospect of offering the Total War franchise and the SEGA range of PC titles to the Origin audience is very exciting.”

2012 looks to be shaping up nicely for PC gamers into their SEGA titles, with the label touching down on EA Origin and the second and final Episode of the Sonic 4 adventure arriving in just a few months.

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