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First Shots of Production iPhone 6 Leaked

These shots could be the first look at a production models of the iPhone 6, i.e. phones that have been built for sale in global markets. The pictures were leaked to celebrity news site TMZ, and clearly show the device in both of its finished forms. Of course, once again, this is a leak, and leaks can prove to be false.

The images leaked to TMZ.

The leaker also seems to have got hold of both models of the phone from the factory where the iPhone 6 is to be manufactured, Foxconn, and claims to be an ex employee of the company. This may explain why the photos seem so genuine and high quality. The device appears to be in running condition, and matches up with a lot of examples of the phone’s construction leaked so far.

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The photos also seem to reflect every currently seen leaked image. The frame is thinner, as has already been said of the phone, plus the screen also appears to match descriptions of the super resistant Sapphire glass screen we’ve been hearing about – it seems to be slightly raised and rounded, suggesting additional thickness.

Detail of the smaller and larger models of the iPhone 6.

The rear camera appears to also match the specifications suggested in leaks, its lens is slightly raised from the main body of the phone, perhaps to save space or act as a light controller in the same way as an SLR lens. The miniature iSight camera on the front also appears on the phone. This sensor syncs up with other ambient light sensors for accuracy and is used as a webcam.

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You can also see the iOS 8 operating system running on the phone, although there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the upcoming Healthkit app supposedly included in the phone for fitness purposes. The app could be hidden in another menu, which could be accessed by swiping the screen or using the home button.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be launched at an Apple event on the 9th of September, potentially alongside the heavily rumored iWatch wearable.

Source: TMZ

Via: Pocket Lint