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Sky Go Streaming & On-Demand Service Coming to PS4

Sky’s streaming and on-demand app Sky Go will arrive on PlayStation 4 this summer along with Now TV, bolstering the console’s entertainment selection.

Now TV will arrive first after initially appearing on the PS3. Powered by Sky it will offer movies, sports and entertainment through a subscription service which usual comes via a set top box and connected TV or smart device. PS4 users will get to enjoy the same great content through a software app installed on the console when it launches.

You won’t need a Sky TV account to use Now TV, but Sky Go which will follow a short time later will depend on being a subscriber with an existing Sky HD package as it links directly to your home Sky box allowing you to streaming content that is currently showing in ‘real-time’ as well as watch on-demand telly and also watch the programmes you’ve recorded to the Sky box.

This will of course allow you to watch favourites such as all 11 Sky Movies channels, Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4, Sky Atlantic, Fox and Nickelodeon on a second screen in another room or another location altogether without the need to fork out for a second Sky box.

All we’re saying is imagine your gaming and your Game of Thrones all on one platform and you’ll get why this is a big deal for a lot of us!