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Smart Alternatives: Ubuntu Touch Mobile Operating System

Smartphones come in a variety of operating systems from the ever present iOS and Android to Blackberry 10 and Windows. But we’re not here to talk about those this week. We are here to talk about something else. A Smart Alternative in the mobile operating system market called Ubuntu Touch.

Many of you already know of the existence of Ubuntu, the Linux based computer operating system that has been slowly operating in the background for quite some time. If you’re into your technology, chances are you know someone who’s running something Ubuntu based. Typically seen and talked about as the “off the beaten path” operating system, Ubuntu are branching into phones, and are doing so with some success.

The biggest contender in the Ubuntu phone market right now is the Meizu Pro 5, first released in China it’s made its way over to the UK relatively quickly. The Ubuntu Touch system has been around since 2013 as a viable operating system for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus devices, and since its open source like Android this means it develops with assistance from its user base as well.

Ubuntu Touch is even bringing a number of useful additions to the phone market that it would be nice to see Android or iOS take up with Side Stage being the biggest name in those additions.

Side Stage was first announced for Ubuntu tablet and is being moved over to some of the latest Ubuntu phones and allows you to have multiple apps open on the same screen, much the same way you would with computer programs allowing you to seamlessly multitask.

Any downside for the Ubuntu Touch operating system for phones would be in the lack of app support. Mainstream apps are slow to move over to the alternate system resulting in a substantial wait for the ones you’re used to relying on. That is until the company, a fan, or you decide to make an Ubuntu specific version.

In short the operating system is what you decide to make of it, more so than any of the other mainstream variants. App creation is encouraged and somewhat expected, and unlike the other mainstream operating systems comes with a relatively light selection of pre-installed apps.

The Ubuntu Touch system is here, and will be here for the foreseeable future. If uptake carries on in earnest as it has lately they could become as ingrained as some of the more noted operating systems. It’s already made a larger splash than the recently released Firefox OS, and some have even reported better functionality than iOS. Only time will tell but it certainly makes a viable and Smart Alternative.

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