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SMS Smoke Alarm – Get a text just before your house burns down!

Forgot to put out that lit cigarette? Not that we’d want to encourage your bad habits but wouldn’t your worries of burning down the house be a little lessened if you had a handy text whenever things get a little heated?

That’s what is offering with their new SMS Smoke Alarm. The gadget looks just like your regular household smoke alarm (requiring 9-volt battery) but tucked sneakily inside is a SIM card which will send a text alert to four different mobile phones whenever it detects smoke in your home.

Potentially this could be a hot idea – if smoke alarms were reliable and you were actually in the house when it went off (completely devaluing the whole point). How many times has your household detector gone off when there’s been absolutely no concern? The thing’s are either too hyper-sensitive, or just non-responsive in your time of peril.

Imagine getting a text to your Samsung Galaxy S II warning you that your house is about to go up in flames. Do you call the fire services? Or do you shrug it off and return to find your memories in ashes – more importantly the molten plastic that was once your Xbox 360 and Call of Duty collection!

The creator boasts “Photoelectric smoke detection, ideal for smouldering fires” – hardly confidence inspiring on a relaxing afternoon down the pub.

For as little as £90 you can own the alarming gadget and it’s available in a choice of white.. or umm.. white.

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