New Sonic CD Trailer hints to Sonic 4 plot reveal in classic game revival?

As we covered in a recent Gadget Helpline: RETRO REPLAY feature Sonic CD will be racing onto Xbox LIVE Arcade, Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad as well as Google Android gadgets towards the end of the year. Trailer 2 has just been released by SEGA Europe and has caused much conversation on clip site YouTube after the short teaser for the revival Mega-CD title has revealed that in this new version of the 1993 fave we’ll see “where Sonic 4 began”.

Of course, this has worked the fans of the blue SEGA mascot have been worked into a frenzy by this ambiguous remark, many believing that time travelling events in Sonic CD may be pivotal in the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. Others however – disregarding the quote as being just a hook to get newcomers into the classic title – have slammed the excitement of fellow gamers, who believe that things we’ve already played over 17 years ago will have consequences in the new sequel, which continues the adventures of Sonic and pals in the traditional side-scrolling platform style.  

In the original and resurrected Sonic CD game, the past, present and future all feature heavily in the storyline. So’s who’s to say this won’t be reflected in yet-to-come Sonic 4 episodes? As a Sonic mark I’d like to think so.

And why would SEGA choose to re-release a not-so-well-known title from the somewhat obscure SEGA Mega-CD – just months before the next instalment of the Sonic 4 Saga? Most interesting indeed..     

In our previous RETRO REPLAY article we took a look back at Sonic CD ahead of the SEGA classic’s revival for mobile gadgets, as well as Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles!

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