Sons of Anarchy Props Go On Sale in Online Auction

Sons of Anarchy ended a great seven year run last week with a truly heart-wrenching final ride and now fans of the show can own a piece of television history as screen-used props from the show have gone up for online auction.

The sale is being held from today by ScreenBid, an online auction house which operates like an eBay for high value, one-of-a-kind items from TV and film and has recently sold items from Breaking Bad when the series came to a close and similarly the huge lot of Sons of Anarchy memorabilia now up for bidding includes incredibly rare artefacts from all seven seasons.

Starting at the lower end of the price spectrum at around $25-$75 there are smaller items that viewers might not have even noticed such assorted bric-a-brac from the show’s familiar settings. These include household objects and ornaments from the homes of Jax Teller and his mother Gemma, signs from the Teller-Morrow garage and drinks mats and menus from the Diosa gentlemen’s club.

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However, on the higher end is where the really good stuff can be discovered with listings for items of clothing, leather biker cuts, jewellery and sunglasses worn by the members of the SAMCRO motorcycle club and even Harley Davidson motorcycles with prices that’ll make your eyes water like they did after that season finale.

Some of our favourite finds are club founder John Teller’s ‘SONS’ ring and an actual hammer and gavel as used in the show at the table of the ‘Men of Mayhem’. With only two of these in existence, the one currently on auction has the bidding upwards of $7,000 from those eager to own this most important piece of the Sons’ legacy.

We can only dream that we could afford some of these to die for items but they’re worth a look if you want a ride down memory lane and are feeling sentimental about SOA coming to an end. Also if you’ve never seen the show we recommend you get yourself on Netflix UK and US where seasons 1 to 6 are streaming now.