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Amazon Now Allows Offers on Rare Props and Memorabilia

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A new feature on retail website Amazon allows film, music and entertainment fans to make offers on a huge range of hard-to-find and one-of-a kind props and autographed memorabilia.

Visiting the Collectibles & Fine Art section of the online department store will now present new search criteria called Eligible for Make an Offer. Choosing this option will filter your memorabilia treasure hunt to only items which can be haggled over with the seller. Meaning you might just be able to get those incredibly highly valued but must-own movie items at a slightly lower than the listed price.

Once an offer is made the seller should respond within 72 hours to accept, reject or make a counter offer and eligible items will only be those listed at over $100 dollars and you’d be hard pressed to find anything there that doesn’t cost at least that much, with rare records and poster art joining screen-used items, vintage promotional materials and so much more.

Some of our favourites include a screen-used Jurassic Park DNA vial, pieces of raptor egg, some fern leaves and a script signed by Jeff Goldblum which is priced at $1,599 and a piece of the actual Death Star from Star Wars for $1,795. Unfortunately many of these incredible items do not ship to outside their respective countries due to size and their fragile or in some cases potentially dangerous nature (Game of Thrones replica swords for example).

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Most of the items in Amazon’s warehouse of wonder are out of our budget even with the opportunity there to bargain, but we suggest checking out the Collectibles & Fine Art section anyway just to see some of the awesome stuff listed!