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Sony to Cut Back Xperia Range to Save Profits

Sony will look to streamline its smartphone and TV range moving forward in an attempt to rake back the dwindling profits of the past year.

The Japanese company, which acquired and merged with Swedish mobile partner Ericsson in 2012, will address a $2.1-billion loss in the past year by trimming back on its range of available Android handsets which currently includes the flagship Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact. Production of televisions from the Bravia range will also see a decrease.

Sony’s new tact will be to regain profits rather than attempt to increase market share with its own smartphones and according to comments made by chief of the company’s mobile division Hiroki Totaki to investors, Sony will look to refocus seventy percent of its efforts into developing sensors and camera technology. Much of this development quietly makes its way into a wider range of products than Sony’s own branded – including some of Samsung’s offerings such as the Galaxy Note 4.

Co-incidentally this move by Sony follows the example set by Samsung, which also finds itself in financial trouble in the smartphone market and was reported to be looking to take cost-cutting measures in the next year and pull back on some of the market saturation created by multiple iterations of the same smartphone models.

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Sony may seek to do the same with some of its own Xperia smartphones, but we’d really rather not see them drop off the market entirely. There are some very nice Xperia models to suit all price ranges and offer a much welcome alternative to the Galaxy and iPhones available.

The current top of the range Xperia Z3 offers an Android 4.4.4 experience with quad-core processing and the device carries the highest waterproofing rating – it’ll also work on 4G data networks. You can pick one up on networks including: EE, Three and O2.