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Samsung Downsizing Smartphone Roll Out in 2015

Samsung will reportedly reduce the amount of Galaxy smartphones it releases in the coming year.

The move is believed to be a cost-cutting exercise by the South Korean mobile manufacturer following disappointing profits in 2014 and despite having around twenty new Galaxy products scheduled for launch since January and before December the profits in the past quarter have halved. Products to hit the market this year have so far included Android-based smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 and the flagship Galaxy S5.

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The cause of the financial issues is quite likely that many of the other product releases were incremental upgrades on existing models. As well as the standard Samsung Galaxy S5 the company also released the smaller Galaxy S5 Mini, Galaxy S5 Prime with screen improvements, Galaxy S5 Zoom with superior camera tech and the rugged Galaxy S5 Active to name a few.

Other regional variants of the flagship Galaxy model were also made available and the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Ace range will also have their fair share of slightly tweaked versions already released or incoming before the year is out.

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It does beg the question of do we need so much Galaxy in our universe? So many products can only cause market saturation and consumer confusion. Streamlining the range or offering a definitive version of each product with all the gimmicks might be the best direction moving forward. Putting Samsung’s current selection up next to its closest competition Apple, the iPhone 5 offering just two versions (5S and 5C) looks like the simpler choice for the mobile buyer.