Sony Hack Reveals Angelina Row Behind Jobs Movie

The fallout for the huge Sony Pictures Entertainment hack is still making waves much to the upset and embarrassment of the Hollywood A-list. The latest names to be mentioned in leaked emails include those of director David Fincher and actress Angelina Jolie in relation to the Steve Jobs movie which is currently in the proverbial ‘Production Hell’.

The biopic of Apple’s Co-Founder and CEO Steve Jobs has been much talked about but sadly not in anticipation for its release and mainly because it’s been seen a slew of stars and directors including Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale who have both been swiftly attached and then detached from the project.

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Seven director David Fincher was at one time set to tell Jobs’ story on screen but also got caught in the revolving door effect, and the reason why has now come to light – courtesy of those leaked Sony emails. And it all seems to point to Angelina Jolie.

Heated messages between Sony Pictures Chairperson Amy Pascal and Producer Scott Rudin which have now gone public suggest that Angelina was interested in Fincher directing her own project – Cleopatra and that her “rampaging spoiled ego” was threatening to the director’s involvement in the Steve Jobs picture.

Producer Rudin is quoted to have advised Pascal to “SHUT ANGIE DOWN” – complete with the angry caps. What follows are accusations of threatening behaviour from Rudin to Pascal and further explosive back and forths about the Jolie and Fincher situation with the former being referred to as “a minimally talented spoiled brat” and much more. The names of Leo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender also come up in later exchanges leading up to Universal Pictures snatching the Steve Jobs movie away from Sony with Adam Sorkin onboard to direct.

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The highlights of the emails have been collated by gossip website Gawker and it’s really worth a read to see just how bad things really got for the Hollywood telling of the Steve Jobs story.