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Sony HD 3D Personal Viewer debuts in Harrods, London

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Remember a while back we talked about the crazy Sony head gear which harkens back to the days of VR (Virtual Reality) games and enviroments? We’ll it got official and now it’s been spotted in posh London department store Harrods, which received a small quantity of early stock of Sony’s 3D Personal Viewer!

Now Sony’s former HMZ-T1 – has ditched its codename and old Cyclops from the X-Men appearance and looks sleek as it was demoed by models outside the Knightsbridge store.

The new bulkier Head Mounted Display packs 2 OLED 1280×720 resolution screens positioned in front of the wearer’s eyes, thus providing total range of vision in the old VR style. These screens deliver the equivalent of viewing a 720” panoramic display and the in-built headphones provide 5.1 surround sound to complete the sensory experience. HDMI input connects the headset to TV and vice versa.

Following the CES 2011 reveal of the then named HMZ-T1, Sony’s Worldwide Senior Director said work was under way on “a couple of games” hinting that revivals of popular titles from the past will be resurrected on a new way to game in the third-dimension.

Just like the Virtual Reality of the early nineties, popularized in movies such as The Lawnmower Man and the kids show VR Troopers (reference!)  the Sony 3D Personal Viewer will bring an added depth to television, movie and games – Just imagine the potential of combining this with a motion control system akin to Xbox Kinect.

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