Sony outsells Microsoft in Japanese motion controller market

Entertainment giant Sony has taken a massive bite out of the gaming market with the addition of the Playstation Move motion control gaming system, toppling Microsoft’s Kinect by some staggering figures – as revealed in a new sales report.

Microsoft had a jolly festive period with strong sales for Kinect here in the UK, but the reports suggest quite the opposite was the case in Japan.

The new figures show only 90,000 units moved by Microsoft up until the end of 2010, while Sony dominated with sales of its Playstation Move reaching 170,000.

A reported world total of over 10 million gamers have invested in the motion-sensing controller Playstation Move, and it’ll take a lot for Kinect to catch up. But both Microsoft and Sony are opening their gadgets up to developers and Xbox will see its first line of “adult” titles for Kinect released soon – including horror title “Rise of Nightmares”.

Opening to developers and expanding from the family-based entertainment could help Xbox and Microsoft appeal to a wider range of gamers, and start to regain some of those numbers.

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