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NGP Pricing And Name To Be Announced At This Year’s E3?

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A forum post found at Gamekult has suggested that Sony are planning a further unveiling of its anticipated NGP at this year’s E3.  The poster suggests that a load more European titles will be unveiled as well as the official price of the portable and excitingly the official name.

We think that they will be going for the name PSP2 ? But if you have got any suggestions let us know on Facebook and Twitter  below.

Sony’s new Next Generation Portable hit the headlines earlier this week as Bloomberg reported that the portable might face delays due the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Today a Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoaka told the Wall Street Journal that “so far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plans”.

Fukuoaka said the comments referring to the delay were “wrong” that were published by Bloomberg, and were then picked up by the rest of the tech press.

They were made by Sony America boss Jack Tretton, who said the Japanese earthquake and tsunami had closed factories relating to Next Generation Portable production. The result? NGP may only be released in one unspecified region this year.

The forum poster is also claiming that Polyphony, of Gran Turismo fame, is working on something that will apparently release before March 2012, and that it intends to “make Europe an announcement for its next title,” which would  suggest a Gamescom announcement in Cologne in August.

Apparently there are an impressive 37 titles in the works for the platform, although most of them are not going to be announced until a European event.

Sony’s NGP really does look like the real deal and is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated launches from Sony since the PS3 – though we’d be surprised if you’ll be getting your mits on the new portable this year. It’s likely to hit Japan first and then a simultaneous launch in America and Europe, possibly in March.

What games would you like to see for launch of the NGP ? Let us know on twitter here @Gadget_Helpline and our Facebook page The Gadget Helpline Facebook Page. And what price would you pay for this impressive tech? Would a price above the £200 mark be too much for the NGP? Let us know.

And check a video of the NGP in the flesh, as a Sony rep puts the NGP through its paces on Naught Dog’s new Unchartered, which is expected to be a launch title.