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Sony Playstation Vita’s UK Starting Line-Up & Prices Announced

Sony has announced and priced its initial titles that will hopefully sell the upcoming PS Vita to the eagerly awaiting gaming masses on February 2012 when the portable surfaces in the UK and Europe.

Sony’s Playstation EU blog reveals there will be three pricing brackets for the first wave of games on the next gen gaming gadget and successor to the PSP which will arrive on data cards at the same time as the console. Amongst the choice starting line-up are: Uncharted: Golden Abyss costing £44.99, Wipeout and Everybody’s Golf come into the £34.99 range, with augmented reality battler, Reality Fighter weighing in at a slender £25.99.

A selection of memory cards will also become available at launch these ranging from £17.99 for 4GB, £31.99 for 8GB and £44.99 for a full-fat 16GB of game storage. If you’re planning to take you’re new PS Vita out on your travels, but don’t want to risk breaking it or scratching that delicate touchscreen display, you may wish to also invest in the Travel Kit costing £25.99.

The PS Vita handheld console goes on sale in the UK, Europe and US on February 22nd 2012 costing £229.99 for Wi-Fi only model and an extra £50 for Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

Check out the full list of those first wave games along with UK pricing for this and all peripherals on the Playstation EU Blog.

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