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Sony PS4 games priced at £70 by UK retailers

Two weeks ago Sony shocked the world by announcing (but not showing) that they will be launching the next generation PlayStation 4 console by the end of 2013 and has since revealed very little information regarding the actual console (we still haven’t seen the device) and even less on what the pricing and release of the super console will be.

However, with every retailer and store trying to get their pre-orders ready it seems that some retailers are putting out some preliminary pricing information for gamers to pre-order the devices.

What’s more, online store The Hut has begun accepting pre-orders for games announced for the PS4 so far, which covers games such as Killzone: Shadowfall, Diablo III, Knack and InFamous: Second Son, all of which are priced at a costly  £69.99 a game.

Now this is a massive increase in price from the standard £39.99-44.99 pricing that both the Sony SP3 and Xbox 360 games are currently released at and will also make the games more expensive than the current US equivalent!

Again, stores will be keen to say that these pricing details are just for preliminary pre-order purposes but we ask why hasn’t The Hut just priced the games at £45 instead of making the pricing so high? Could this be an informed price strategy or just how much the new PS4 games will cost?

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The Hut has also placed a price listing for the actual console, where they state the console itself will come in at £399.99, which is a reasonable price considering past consoles.

The information has come from gaming website Eurogamer who has spoken to the retailer, who explained that the prices are “a preliminary forecast and have not been issued by the publisher”.

Hopefully this is just an overly conservative pricing structure and Sony will release RRP details soon.

You can check out our coverage of the PS4 announcement event here and see just what Sony has shown off and (more importantly) what the company has kept a secret.