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Sony reveals Playstation Vita UK release date, pricing and launch bundle contents

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Sony has finally let us UK and Europe gamers in on the awaited release date and pricing info for the Next Generation Portable – the PS Vita. Not only that, but it’s let us take a look in the box to see what we’ll find from day one.

That day will be Wednesday 22nd February 2012 – two months after Sony’s native gamers in Japan get to grips with the anticipated gadget that was first spoken of in 2009, as the successor to the popular first Sony handheld the PSP – which itself spawned several variants and spin-offs. The former NGP was unveiled in full at the E3 Conference back in June. It’s been a long wait, not helped by the fact we’ve only just now found out when we’d actually see one!

So now it’s on its way – what do you get in the box?

The PAL version Sony PS Vita for UK and Europe will come in two forms – the Wi-Fi-only model and the 3G/Wi-Fi model. But despite their differences in connectivity, both gaming gadgets will come similarly packaged in the same box we saw several weeks ago at the Tokyo Games Show. Within, gamers will find the console in standard, colourless Crystal Black with a selection of essential accessories (variant console colours will follow – for the patient gamer!)

The PS Vita handset itself features a generous 5” OLED touchscreen, with D-pad and 12 function buttons including Playstation trademark Triangle, Circle, X, Square buttons, as well as Start, Select, Volume, Power L and R shoulder triggers. Two analogue sticks are featured for optimised gaming control (FAO: Nintendo!). Along the top you’ll find the slot for PS Vita NVG game cards and accessory port and below the screen on the lower edge ports for multiuse and earphone/mic connecting. Finally on the back is the touchpad and rear VGA camera.


The accessories include USB cable, AC adapter with power cord and paper manual. This initial PS Vita bundle comes without software or games, besides that which is pre-installed and said to include some “special applications”. A range of games will be available from launch, but will need to be purchased separately.

As for the all-important price – Sony’s RRP for the PS Vita tells us we’ll be looking at €249.99 for the PS Vita Wi-Fi Model and €299.99 for the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Model. This official word ties-up with Amazon’s UK pre-order page which lists its Wi-Fi-only stock for £240 and 3G/Wi-Fi for an additional £50, with shipping TBC. We’d imagine the top online retailer will be one of the first to ship – close to (if not on) that February 22nd launch day.

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