Sony to launch its first Windows Phone in a new VAIO smartphone range

Sony could be the next big name to join Microsoft’s Windows Phone team, according to recent reports.

The company is said to be developing its first ever Windows Phone, ready to launch later this year at a major tech event. We’re not yet sure of the finer details or even the phone’s name, but we are told that the new device will spearhead a new range of Windows Phone devices from Sony which will carry the VAIO name.

Sony has recently become one of the forerunners in the Android space, with popular handsets such as the Xperia Z and recently the 20.1-megapixel Xperia Z1 selling well and receiving rave reviews. With rival Android manufacturers Samsung and HTC previously trying their hand at Windows Phone during the OS’s inception and pulling out, it’s strange to now see Sony try its hand.

The rumour itself comes via The Information, a site which claims to have a source close to Sony who spilled the beans. Microsoft and Sony have been in talks to release a single device mid-way through 2014 and the source is reportedly someone involved in those discussions and someone who has been briefed on the nature of the device itself.

Little else is known now and it’s early days, so the deal could yet fall through, but the thought of a Sony Windows Phone sitting out there somewhere, shrouded in secrecy, is a pretty exciting one.

Whilst we wait for the rumour mill to take this story up a notch, we may as well dream up what a Sony Windows Phone would be like – Bravia screen technology, a 20+ megapixel Exynos rear camera to rival Nokia’s Lumia range and perhaps some interesting Walkman tech for music lovers would all be very welcome. What would you like to see from Sony’s first Windows Phone?