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Sony Windows Phone Leaks Again – Will It Become Official at Mobile World Congress?

The mobile handset in the photos below is speculated to be an early prototype of an upcoming Sony Windows Phone. We’ve heard whispers before about such a thing coming into existence and even covered one such leak in a previous article, now further proof has come along and also confirms our theory that the gadget would come with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Despite not being able to make out any of the Sony Ericsson livery on this latest snap of the gadget it looks to be the very same one we saw before. The frontage is recognisable and features that generously proportioned screen previously seen in photographs. However, unlike before the secret Sony gadget in this image features a white back, while it appeared before that the device would be all black, so perhaps this model is the obligatory white variant which comes following most new top-range mobiles releases.

On screen we see the Bing search bar and puffin background meaning Microsoft’s location based search-engine app can run on the unconfirmed Sony handset. In earlier shots, we didn’t see much of the Microsoft Windows Phone platform in operation, except for the faint word “Beta” typed across the bottom of the display in the familiar typeface featured on version 7.5, Mango.

With the Mobile World Congress beginning in less than a week, on Monday 27th of February, can we expect to see this number become official? And of course, dropping that Sony Ericsson name and embracing the new singular Sony branding.

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