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Sony Xperia S Video Review

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Within the past 6 months we’ve seen Sony Ericsson become just Sony, with the latter buying out the Ericsson side of the business. Their aim was to launch a trio of smartphones to suit everyone, with the Xperia S being the leader of the bunch.

The flagship Xperia S packs in the best in the latest smartphone technology, including NFC wireless connectivity and a 12-Megapixel rear camera with 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities.

However, it’s stuck on an older version of Android – 2.3 – when new devices from rival manufacturers such as Samsung are starting to launch with Android 4.0 on board. Sony has promised an update to 4.0 later in the year for those who want to adopt their new phone, but we can see this being too little, too late for the Android fanatics.

Asides from a wait to update, we feel that Sony has built a decent smartphone. If one of the key aspects in a smartphone is a good camera then you’re looking at one of the best around; the 12-megapixel rear camera takes amazing pictures with a host of settings and modes to play around with, Full HD videos and even 3D panoramic photos which can be viewed back via HDMI on a 3D TV.

Check out our full video review of the Sony Xperia S above to see what we liked and disliked. If you’ve already got the phone then let us know what you think of it!

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