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Spotify confirms 5 play-per-song limit removal for Free users

Spotify has confirmed that they have removed the cap that limits free users listening to tracks more than five times in the UK, bringing the UK users service up to the same standard that other customers in Europe have been experiencing. .

The news was leaked online yesterday before Spotify they released a statement on their blog about the changes:

“We’ve got some mighty fine news for all Spotify Free users. From today, there’s no more 5 play-per-song limit. You can listen to your favourite songs as many times as you like.”

“That’s right, no more greyed-out songs. The tracks that you couldn’t listen to before will once again be available for your listening pleasure.”

“Give it a try.”

Prior to the changes us in the UK were restricted to a 5 play maximum of tracks over a 6 month period, which was originally introduced on the player back in 2011 to try and get customers onto the premium Spotify service.

However in the past year Spotify has launched in a host of countries where the feature has not been a part of the free service, these countries include Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Spain all of which had the five-pay cap removed in March 2012 and countries such as Australia,  New Zealand and the USA has never had a cap.

Its good news fo Spotify fans and people who want to keep things on the cheap, but Spotify is still best when you use the premium Spotify service which costs £4.99 a month where you get unlimited advert-free music or for the full £9.99 a month you can get Spotify on your mobile devices, as well as being able to download music for offline play.

Either way it’s a great change and another good step in Spotify’s world domination!