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Meet Spykee – The Skype compatible spy robot!

Meet Spykee!

This ultra-cool little ‘droid is Skype 3.0 compatible (notice how his name is an anagram of sorts?) and he’s controllable wirelessly, as long as you’ve got access to a Wi-Fi connection. He’ll follow your instructions, even if you’re not even in the room – or in another country!

You can build Spykee from the ground up, using the parts provided and in Meccano type construction you design the robot as you want for him to appear. He stands at only 32cm tall, packs a VoIP phone, webcam, additional 320×240 digi-camera, Wi-Fi, MP3 player, and can listen and talk back. Despite being pretty much a gadget for play rather than a security guard, think of the potential – He can be used as a mobile roaming CCTV device and even senses motion and can sound an alarm via your PC.

Spykee is billed as a “spy robot” which actually makes him sound a little sinister and makes us think of the Porky’s style mischief that could be had with the little guy!

You can grab this gadget from a range of online retailers, such as CuteBitz, for around £140 – and due to him being a little on the heavy side he’s currently a UK exclusive!

We just need to persuade the boss to let us have one on the Gadget Helpline account!

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