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Star Citizen’s FPS Module Release

Star Citizen, the space sim that has to date raised $74 837 559 or just shy of $75 million USD is soon to get its newest module. The Star citizen development process results in them releasing segments of the game bit by bit until they have enough to combine them into one mega game, and with that much money it has potential to be an incredible game.

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Various Star Citizen details emerged out of PAX East, and via the Roberts Space Industries websites monthly report, something they do to keep backers in the loop. So the big news first, we’re told that the FPS (first person shooter) module is nearing release, not something I would have expected to see so soon in a space game, normally they focus on the ships first but it looks pretty damn good. The February Monthly Report says, “As you read this, Arena Commander 1.1 is hitting the PTU [persistent universe], and we expect to make it available on the live server in the very near future. Once we pass that milestone, it’ll be time for the first public release of FPS… so stay tuned, exciting things are coming!”

The RSI site also shows of a new damage model coming to the game, which in true Star Citizen Fashion appears to be exhaustively detailed. See the image above for what you can expect, the idea is that the ship will show damage where you take damage, made clear by paint damage, and dents, and eventually by huge chunks of your ship flying off. In one shot I have seen a win is cut off from the ship under fire. There’s a video too!

During the PAX East, the devs showed of the latest additions and build of the FPS module, it’s got a new HUD and they’ve polished up the animations somewhat. Star Citizen is something I backed then instantly forgot because there wasn’t anything to do yet. It’s nice to come back to it and see some decent progress, let’s hope they keep it up.