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Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote to Launch at SDCC

Aside from the major tech events the annual San Diego Comic Con can be a great place to discover some really cool and geeky gadgets. This year will not fail to please the nerd in all of us beginning with this Star Trek Phaser, which not only is an incredibly cool collectable but also works as a functional universal remote!

Amid the Mecca of popular culture memorabilia and toys The Wand Company, which has previously created universal remote controls based on Harry Potter wands and the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, will be showing off its stunning new addition to the range which is based on the handheld laser gun as wielded by Captain Kirk and crew in the classic 60’s Star Trek.

The Star Trek Phaser will debut at SDCC which begins next Wednesday, 23rd July, and is said to work with most TVs and can also be programmed to beam 36 commands to other Federation compliant devices including iPad.

The detailing is impeccable and has been replicated from a 3D scan of the only original prop remaining and not only does this Phaser universal remote control other gadgets (rather than vaporising them) but it will also produce the authentic sound straight from the vintage telly show! It also come beautifully packaged in a Starfleet carry case in its individual parts or it can be displayed assembled on a stand.

The Wand Company will launch the Star Trek Phaser universal remote at SDCC and it’ll go on sale in November. Firebox is already listing the item as pre-order in the UK for £119.95.