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Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-order blasts off – 3 versions to choose from

The Saga is coming back online! Star Wars: The Old Republic has now gone up for pre-order and the MMO games creators, Bioware and LucasArts, are really delivering a bounty of treats. Including a chance to play the game early and get some extra physical and virtual goodies – you’d think Han Solo had smuggled these out of the Death Star.  

But clear your mind young Padawan, this is perfectly legit and for early birds there are no less than three SW:TOR packages to choose from..

The “Standard Edition” includes early access to the game online, with disc copy on release, a colour stone for your in-game light saber and 30-days playtime on the multiplayer gaming Star Wars platform thrown in to get you started.

Choose to take your experience further by going for the “Digital Deluxe Edition” pre-order through EA’s Origin. With this bundle you get a digital copy of The Old Republic, as well as early access, colour stone, and 30-days gaming – and a selection of additional “virtual” items and weapons for use in the game. These are flare gun, training droid, HoloDancer, HoloCam and STAP vehicle.

The last (and most epic) version is the “Collector’s Edition”. This is a rancor-sized package including all of the above: early access online, CD copy, additional digital content and exclusive mouse droid and Collector’s Edition store to enhance The Old Republic experience in-game. Included in the high-quality Collector’s box are some pretty special exclusives (“physical” items), sure to please fanboys and girls alike – metal case for your game discs, Old Republic map, The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural, Custom Security Authentication Key, Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD, and an impressive statue of Darth Malgus – perfect for casting the Shadows of the Empire across your desk while enthralled in hours of online gaming in A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-orders are available now with the awesome “Collector’s Edition” package limited to 50,000 sets and those disappointed with the demise of Sony’s MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies shouldn’t need much of a Force push to get behind the Saga’s next gaming leap to lightspeed!

Apple and LucasFilm have unveiled their “Early Access” app for iOS gadgets ahead of the Saga’s Blu-Ray launch – Read the Gadget Helpline a story HERE.

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