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Star Wars: Rogue One Will Be A Prequel

When we saw the new teaser for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII we were hugely exited. Our favorite characters and space vessels are set to return in the picture after all. However, until now we’ve heard very little about another Star Wars film, standalone offering Rogue One, since its announcement.

Rogue One is set to be a completely separate, non trilogy film incorporating story elements which won’t have a huge impact on existing Star Wars stories. Recently in a panel at the Star Wars celebration it was revealed that Rogue One would unfold the story of how those lovable rebels managed to get their hands on the plans for the original Death Star.

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In order for Luke Skywalker and pals to initiate their daring raid on the Death Star in A New Hope, it was necessary for the brave pilots to know about that key vulnerability in its design – a tiny exhaust port down which leads right to the center of the space station. Rogue One tells the viewers about how the rebels managed to find the Death Star’s blueprints to make their attack possible.

Rogue One will also be the first instrumental in a series of standalone ‘Anthology’ pictures from the Star Wars universe – all of which will tell different stories from the saga’s back story. Set between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, Rogue One is going to be a classic gritty war picture, with heroes and villains on the Imperial and Rebel sides respectively.

Rogue One concept art. (Image from The Verge, link to original article below.)

It’s hoped that these Anthology titles will be able to flesh out the Star Wars universe a bit more for fans. An unexpected turn of events saw the entire 30 year catalog of backstory, known as the Expanded Universe, being paved over in the J.J. Abrams trilogy that’s on the way. Much like Abrams’s Star Trek movies, the absence of concrete guidelines for creating the new trilogy will allow for somewhat of a ‘reboot’ feel.

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Of course, fans were none too pleased – however, the Anthology series could revive some concepts and stories set in the Expanded Universe. Gareth Edwards is at Rogue One‘s helm, not Abrams, meaningthe Anthology series could eventually end up being a platform for various new teams to create their own Star Wars movies within the established cinematic universe.

Via: The Verge

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