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Stereolizer app for iPad takes digital radio back to the 80s

A new app for iPad makes the old school cool again by transforming the Apple tablet’s interface into a 80s-style HiFi – complete with all the functions and features of the trusty old stereo stack. For $2 iPad owners can purchase the Stereolizer app, providing the new generation of digital radio but through an ultra cool retro stereo design interface.

Featuring tuner and volume dials familiar to those of us music lovers who lived through the best decade ever, best of all it’s got a cassette deck! Kind of – it’s only a graphic interface obviously, so a little bit of imagination is required, but it actually works just like the old deck with play, fast forward, rewind and record buttons and the app lets you record music as it’s live for playback later. Complete with DJ intros – just like “back in the day” waiting for that favourite song on the Top 40 Chart!

With access to over 6000 digital radio stations we’re sure there’s a dedicated 80s station out there playing right now, just waiting to be tuned into your iPad with the Stereolizer app and you’ll be right back to the good old days – through the technology of today!

We think you’ll agree this app is totally rad! You can share your comments and thoughts on this or any of our other blog articles at the official Gadget Helpline Facebook Page!