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Stranger Things – Now In VR

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Upon watching Stranger Things pilot episode, I was instantly transported back to watching The Goonies for the first time, though this time there were elements of Stephen King crossed with Back to the future and E.T.

Yes, the show is that good! Massively creepy with characters you can really get behind, it is a wonderful series and will be enjoyed by many for a long time.

But, stop the press, the creeps are about to multiply tenfold; Netflix have chosen a clip from Stranger Things to give their foray into VR a bit more oomph!

Stranger Things is staged in a small American town and has a dark menacing feel about it that is kind of addictive. The town is shaken by the disappearance of a young boy and in their determination to find him his Mother and friends uncover a dark secret that will push the whole town to its mental limits.

With the new Vr release from Netflix you can jump into the action. The clip is two minutes long and you can use Google cardboard or any other VR viewer that will fit your phone.

We at the Gadgethelpline are quietly impressed that Netflix are doing this and look forward to more releases under this format!

The video can be viewed here for your enjoyment:

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