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The Rock to Star in Hollywood Version of Rampage

Wrestler/Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has just signed up for the biggest fight of his career when he faces off against three video game monsters in a Hollywood adaptation of Rampage.

The big screen version of Rampage has been stuck in the planning phase for the past few years but FINALLY, The Rock has confirmed to the millions (and millions) of his followers on his hugely popular social media accounts that it will be happening and announced his involvement in the movie.

The Rampage movie is set to be released in 2017 – three decades after Rampage originally hit the arcades created by Midway Games. The concept is that three humans become monsters – a massive King Kong type ape, a Godzilla-style giant reptile and a 40-foot werewolf – and all of them race to destroy tower blocks in the quickest time to advance through various crumble-able cityscapes. Gobbling up humans is considered a bonus.

In his post “The Great One” is clearly very excited about his new gig and declares that the retro title is his all-time favourite video game but we’re yet to know his role in the Rampage film. However from his beastly workout routines, which he regularly shares on Twitter and Instagram, we could quite easily see the self-confessed “silver back” portraying the giant gorilla George himself!

The Rock also reposted a screenshot of the original story from Hollywood Reporter which states that Rampage will be produced by New Line Cinema with Beau Flynn leading it. This is the same team that Johnson worked with on the recent blockbuster disaster flick San Andreas. Add monsters to the mix and that’s a whole lot of Smackdown to layeth!

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Instagram