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THQ Brand to Return as Nordic Games Acquires Trademarks

Defunct brand THQ is set to live again thanks to a buyout by Nordic Games of a number of its trademarks.

Established in 1989, the American based publisher/developer THQ fell into bankruptcy last year after a long period of financial turmoil and its properties for Xbox, PlayStation and PC were sold off in parts to companies such as Ubisoft and SEGA.

Most notably the WWE franchise which the company had held since the late nineties was picked up by 2K Games/2K Sports but a handful of the publisher’s properties did however remain unclaimed and Austrian company Nordic Games has now announced it has taken up distribution of titles including MX vs ATV, Red Faction and Darksiders.

With the acquisition of these franchises Nordic Games will keep future game releases under the THQ banner despite the publisher in its original form no longer being in operation since January 2013. Box art and promotion shall also feature the familiar THQ logo.

The choice to keep the livery, admitted by Nordic Games itself, is that THQ is a better known brand than Nordic Games and therefore will be more recognised and respected by the games buying public. Nordic will also be promoting its new intellectual properties via THQ social media outlets and Darksiders, Red Faction and MX vs ATV titles already appear on the Nordic Games website where THQ is now noted as part of its publishing labels.