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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy SIII Accessories

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Today, we’ll be having a look at some of the latest and greatest accessories available for that Android flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ll be looking for accessories that provide additional functionality and protection, as well as a bit of style too. Let’s get right into the picks!


5. a-Jays One+ Earphones

Swedish firm a-Jays did well to stand out from the well-known audio brands with their first round of numbered in-ear headphones (One, Two, Three and Four) and now they’re back for a second crack at it. They’ve started off enhancing the first (and most popular) set of headphones in their line, crafting the a-Jays One+.

The headphones include powerful 8.6 mm dynamic drivers, a stylish flat TPE cable that ends in a right-angle jack and some clever software for Android phones. The app allows you to customise what different button pushes do for all five of the potential combinations – single click, double click, triple click, click and hold and double click and hold. It’s a nice added bonus that really makes these headphones a solid upgrade over the passable headphones you get in the box with the Samsung Galaxy S3.


4. SuperGrip Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Car Pack

It’s hard to find a car holder for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that ticks all the boxes, but the SuperGrip comes close. It’s a case-compatible car holder, meaning that it will securely hold your S3 when you’re on the road regardless of whether you have a case on or not – this functionality also means it’ll fit other phones in a pinch, too. The holder allows you to use your phone safely and legally, making it perfect for GPS navigation or entertaining your passengers. The pack also includes a car charger which will keep your phone from running dry as you’re on the move.


3. Dual Desk Dock for the Samsung Galaxy S3

This Samsung Galaxy SIII desk stand is multifunctional, allowing you to keep your Galaxy S3 and a second, spare battery charged all in one convenient place. As well as charging the two batteries simultaneously, the desk stand is perfect for syncing contacts to your computer and keeping your phone in a convenient position for viewing incoming notifications or browsing the web. Unfortunately, HDMI output and landscape mode isn’t supported.


2. Spare Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3

Quick, name one thing the Galaxy S III has and all of its competitors – the HTC One X, the iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 900 – do not. Did you get it? It’s a removable battery! You can make use of that unique advantage with a second spare battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you’re running low on power, you can swap the battery over in less than a minute. The Galaxy S III boots in about 25 seconds, making it much faster than connecting the S III to a wall or portable charger.


1. Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

The official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover is our top choice, because it adds a lot of protection to the Galaxy S III with hardly any downsides. The slim case has two major advantages – it replaces the rear Samsung Galaxy S III cover of the S III with a more durable version that’ll do more to protect the innards of your phone, and it adds the eponymous front cover to the device, which prevents damage to the screen while the phone isn’t in use, for example if it’s in your purse or pocket. It flips out of the way whenever you do need to use the phone and even still allows the phone to fit in most car holders and desk stands. A cool case, and definitely deserving of our top spot today.


So that’s it for now – thanks for reading! Of course we’d be happy to take your comments and questions about the Galaxy S III and its accessories via our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

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This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun.


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