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Top 5 Must Have Summer Apps for 2012

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While rainstorms and gale force winds might suggest otherwise, the great British summer is finally upon us. So what apps should you be downloading to make your smartphone tie in with this feast of sea and sunshine (ahem)?

London 2012

While it hasn’t exactly galvanised the nation in terms of support, there’s no getting away from the fact that the London 2012 Olympics will be massive news this summer – so what better place to start than with the official London 2012 app? Available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry (but oddly not Windows Mobile as yet), you’ll be able to “plan, enjoy and share” your Olympic experiences – from events themselves to community events. As well as full schedules for events there will be another app launched for the medal table, competitor profiles, news and live updates.

Download it: iOS – Android


Available on all four major application platforms, TripIt is a free app that’s perfect for anyone who skips the package deal companies and plans their holiday bit by bit. The app has thousands of participating websites on board, from car rental, airline and train companies to hotel and apartment booking websites. All you do is forward all your confirmation emails to the apps and voila, you have an all-in-one itinerary for your holiday. Like all the best apps, it takes a great idea and makes it happen.

Download it: iOS – Android


Probably the number one in importance, if not excitement, is having a good weather app. Of course one simple wind change will tend to blow whatever they say out of the water, but it’s worth a try at least. WeatherBug has become one of the most popular weather apps on iOS and Android, as well as Windows Phone and BlackBerry, it ticks all the boxes: live local weather and seven-day forecasts, interactive maps and weather cams, plus severe weather alerts and even video forecasts. The paid ‘elite’ version (which is only about £1) adds a few extra bells and whistles, while also being ad-free.

Download it: iOS – Android

Weber’s On The Grill

The perfect barbeque companion, On The Grill has more than 300 fantastic recipes for marinades, sauces and rubs to make sure your grilled meat fest is one to remember. It costs a few quid, but there are some important extras thrown in: it will help you make your shopping list of cooking ingredients, for example, while also incorporating a timer. Then there are the instructional grilling videos, plus hundreds of grilling tips and techniques to ensure your sausages aren’t burnt on the outside and still oinking on the inside.

Download it: iOS – Android


After shoving your face full of grilled goodies, it’s always advisable to head off for an after barbie walk. The EveryTrail app (iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry) lets you track your walks or bike rides with GPS, as well as plot camera pics along the way, and then share them with the EveryTrail community. You get all kinds of stats (distance, speed etc), while if you’re stuck for inspiration you can see the walks others have done in your area.

Download it: iOS – Android

Those are our top apps for this summer, but of course, there are hundreds of thousands more apps out there, any one of which could become your top app for the season. If you’ve found the perfect app for the great British summer, let us know about it!

Author Bio: Chris Marling is a senior editor for Broadband Genie, the comparison website for smartphone and iPad contracts. Click here for more information. 

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