Turning up voice in Mercedes Benz Sat Nav

We have a couple of Mercedes Cars  on our fleet and generally the Mercedes Benz Sat Nav is easy to use.

Our users have asked the same question.

How do I make the voice louder or softer  telling me the directions?

Well the answer is simple. You can turn the voice up or down ONLY when the direction is being spoken.

So while he or she is saying ‘Turn left at the next roundabout’ use the volume control, which you use for the radio etc,  to adjust the sound.




2 responses to “Turning up voice in Mercedes Benz Sat Nav”

  1. Luke OShaughnessy avatar
    Luke OShaughnessy

    Thank you that was so simple
    Nearly had the dash of my Mercedes pulled apart and my hair pulled oilfields

  2. Thank you for this – I have a long sat nav drive soon and I’ve been frantically looking for this in manuals without joy