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Twitter and Facebook hit record visits in July with Google+ looming

Internet traffic tracking site ComScore has released its latest batch of visit tracking results for the biggest sites on the internet and July has shown that whilst new users may be dropping visits to both Facebook and Twitter are up.

The scores are based on the U.S so there is no ideas on what the UK and Europe’s stats are but in the US both social media giants have seen a rise in unique visitors in the month of July up from June.

Facebook had a huge 162 million unique visitors, compared to 160.8 million unique visitors in June, and 157.2 million unique’s in May and Twitter also posted record traffic (over its five year history) with 32.8 million unique U.S. visitors in July which was up from 30.6 million unique visitors in June, and 27 million in May.

So it does show that the big hitters are still going strong after a few months of murmurs of usage drop-off for both sites, but coming from the backfield is business based networking site LinkedIn which has also seen a traffic spike in June with July faring not as good.

In July LinkedIn saw 32.5 million unique visitors in the month which is don compared to Junes 33.9 million unique visitors.

Interestingly though MySpace did also continue to lose Visits from June to July but the hits its getting are still on par with what LinkedIn and Twitter are seeing with July getting 32.8 million unique which is  down from 33 million in June but it does show that maybe there is life left in the old dog yet!

There are no stats for what Google+ is looking like at the moment but with a mammoth rise in users in the past few month we are sure that both Facebook and Twitter will be watching their heels especially as the plus platform is still in its Beta testing!

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