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Ubisoft “Z-14” Web Comic Offers Prelude to ZombiU on Nintendo Wii U

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Capitalizing on the popularity of the zombie resurgence into cult media, particularly comics like The Walking Dead, Ubisoft the developer behind Nintendo Wii U launch day title Zombi U has enhanced the gaming experience by offering up a series of mini-comics online for fans to get the back story of how the ultra-realistic vision of a London viral apocalypse came to be!

The 14 episode ZombiU comic series was used to lead up to the games launch and details the first fortnight of the outbreak and the events leading into where we pick up from in the game as we guide various survivors through the Underground network and the streets of our infested capital city. The animated black and white strips (much borrowing from the style of the aforementioned The Walking Dead books) introduces us to the ‘Prepper’ – the voice that directs us in the ZombiU game and his creation the ‘Prepper Pad’, or more familiarly to us the Nintento Wii U GamePad which is used as a radar and scanner and can be used for a multitude of functions in the game’s survival experience.

We also find out that the outbreak was predicted in 1591 as a ‘Second Blight’ on Mankind which is referenced during these early stages of the story and back to modern times we meet other survivors and get to see the medical efforts when the virus is first discovered.

This is a really cool bit of promotion for a truly epic game and if you’re planning on getting yourself a Nintendo Wii U with ZombiU, or are an avid fan already well into the game like ourselves at the Gadget Helpline we suggest checking the Z-14 comics out at