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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Accessory Pack Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has to be up there with our top three smartphones of 2012, without a shadow of a doubt. We’ve also come across a ton of brilliant accessories for the smartphone-come-tablet since its launch earlier in the year, though when you tot up the combined cost of a case, something to hold it in your car and maybe more, you’ve shelled out a lot on top of the phone’s cost.

Mobilefun’s ultimate accessory pack gives you a bundle of accessories to get you started, which is why we featured it as our number one Galaxy Note II accessory recently. We’ve had some time with the phone and the kit itself and thought we’d give you a little review of each component.

Slip-on case

Sure, there are bulkier and much fancier cases out there, but if you’ve just got your Note II and plumped for the accessory pack, this will protect your phone until you find something nicer. It’s tough and rubbery and hugs the Note II’s large frame rather well and should provide protection against scratches and dings on the back and sides of the phone.

Screenwear screen protectors

The case protects the back and sides of the phone but leaves the screen wide open to scratches, which thankfully these screen protectors will take care of. The pack contains five, so you’ll get a couple of attempts at getting it perfect – a notoriously tricky task. In practice these went on pretty easily and fitted the screen well, although the fact that the screen protector is marginally smaller than the entire front of the phone made it tricky to line everything up – practice makes perfect!

Suction stand

There’s no denying the Note II is a little heavy, so you’re not going to want to hold it for a long period of time to watch a TV show or even a movie. This neat little stand just sticks on to the back of the phone using suction and allows it to be propped up in either landscape or portrait mode. We found ourselves using this one on the train for watching movies a few times and found it to be a great solution.

Desk stand

The simple desk stand was our favourite and most used piece from the bundle. Designed to accommodate your phone in either landscape or portrait mode, the stand has a sticky rubber pad that the phone hugs without the need to firmly press or hold it into place. We found we were more comfortable propping our Note II up in portrait mode and using it with a stylus on our desk than we were when using it in our hand.

Car mount

The universal car mount is simple and pretty straightforward to set up. It can be a little tricky to get the phone into place, with the adjustable grip being a little stiff and hard to adjust to start with. Once set in the right place though, it’s nice and easy to get the handset into place in a few seconds when hopping in the car.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Accessory Pack is available from Mobilefun now, priced at £19.95

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