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Unnanounced Nokia 900 Windows Phone breaks cover

Nokia World has finished for the day, with two brand new Windows Phone 7.5 mobiles announced by Nokia – the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. But wait, what’s this? A leaked document has been found online showing another Windows Phone that Nokia haven’t mentioned yet, a ‘Nokia 900’.

The document pictured above looks to be pretty official, and by our eyes looks likely to be an info sheet used for staff training or for in-store. We’d heard of three codenames for Nokia’s Windows Phones before now, the Sea Ray (now Lumia 800), Sabre (now Lumia 710) and the Sun. Could the Sun turn out to be the Nokia Lumia 900?

Specifications look promising from what’s on the sheet, with the 900 boasting better specs than the just-announced Lumia 800. For starters it has a much larger 4.3-inch touchscreen display, which is a ‘ClearBack AMOLED’ panel according to the sheet. The device also has double the RAM at 1GB, compared to the 512MB used in the Lumia 800.

The processor used is again a Qualcomm Snapdragon running at 1.4Ghz, and the rear camera is also 8-Megapixels with Carl Zeiss optics, LED flash and Auto Focus.

Internal memory is doubled to 16GB, though the sheet indicates that a larger 32GB model will also be available. The Nokia 900 also packs a few connectivity features that were unfortunately lacking in the 800 – NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

The tagline reads ‘Thin. Smart. Powerful’ underneath the phone, so we’re hoping that this handset will have iPhone 4S and Motorola RAZR-rivalling dimensions.

That’s all we can gain for now from the leaked document, and with Nokia only just announcing the first round of their Windows Phone range, we probably shouldn’t expect to see this phone become official until next year.

What we do know, though, is that the Nokia 900 is set to replace the Lumia 800 as the flagship Windows Phone from Nokia when it is finally announced.

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