Update for Microsoft Office for Mac – Coming next week

Microsoft has officially confirmed a Service Pack update is to be released for its Office 2011 for Mac software and it’s on its way as soon as next week.

The Service Pack will heavily concentrate on the function and efficiency of Microsoft Outlook, an area which users have specifically requested. Using Apple’s sync services Outlook will allow connectivity to iPhone and iPad – keeping all devices up-to-date with your notes, contacts and tasks easily transferable to make daily business much easier.

Also included will be Microsoft Exchange Outlook support, Outlook Redirect and Resend features and Solver integration support and message editing. Improvements to security and stability are other points covered in the SP1 upgrade for Microsoft Office on Mac, meaning far less crashing and a considerable increase in speed and smoothness.

Apple and Microsoft are working together to give the people what they want – with the update for the Mac-based Office 2011 dropping in the coming days.

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