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UPDATE: Original DOOM Trilogy Redesigned & Reloaded as “BFG Edition” on October 19th

Shortly before the E3 Expo we got to see some of the frighteningly good graphics of the new Doom reboot, which was the first of three games in the series resurrected, reimagined and repackaged by Skyrim developer Bethesda ahead of a much-anticipated fourth instalment which will deploy in 2013.

We’re excited to report that a release date has now been attached to the early Doom reboots and the game will suitably arrive just a week before Halloween on October 19th for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC.

The three preceding Doom titles will get a stunning and disturbing visual and audio make-over and will be rereleased in what’s being called the BFG Edition (named after that large weapon of the obscene name!). A trailer was recently launched showing off the retro but restored Doom logo will look like as well as some gloriously gory graphics from the Doom 3 portion of the original trilogy with familiar foes and beasts roaming the corridors we once so feared to tread remember in the modern classic. And best of all – it looks dark as Hell!

The clip also promises that the reboot will bring new levels through a “Resurrection of Evil” bonus expansion pack, the new addition of checkpoint saving, mounted flashlight to illuminate those scary creepy corners, some extra “Lost Missions” and graphics especially designed with 3D play in mind, so your luck will be in if you own a top range set when the Doom BFG Edition hits this Autumn.

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