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Virgin Media to deliver 19 times faster broadband service

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Virgin Media has begun boosting its broadband speeds for customers across Britain today with a new maximum of 152Mbps available.

Over twelve million broadband subscribers will benefit from recent improvements to the Virgin Media network and the upgrades will eventually be delivered to all customers in the coming months.

In a press release Virgin Media confirmed that those currently receiving up to 30Mbps speeds will soon experience 60Mpsb, and in turn those on 60Mbps will soon get raised to 100Mbps and finally the 120Mbps customers will enjoy the full 152Mpsb potential of the scheme upgrade. Virgin Media boasts that in total speed will be increased by 19 times the current standard and making a “significant, positive difference to people’s lives.”

Virgin Media has experienced a 55% growth boost in just one year and in total a 1000% growth since launching in 2007. In addition to the broadband boost the company has introduced new parental controls – With great bandwidth comes great responsibility.