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Virgin offering £50 TiVo box with 500GB Hard Drive

Back in December of last year, Virgin announced a new breed of set-top cable box; the TiVo. It’s been branded as a “smart recording device”, offering to record programs it thinks you may like based on your viewing habits, all onto a whopping internal hard drive of 1TB.

Today, Virgin has announced that it will be offering a cheaper alternative to the 1TB premium TiVo box. Everything about the cheaper box is the same bar the hard drive size; the cheaper version features half the storage at 500GB. Now, in terms of storage for TV shows and movies, 500GB is not to be sniffed at, and it’d still take a fair while to fill up.

Virgin customers subscribed to either the M+, L and XL packages can get the new 500GB TiVo box for £50 upfront, plus installation fees. To add the TiVo service itself to your existing Virgin Media TV package, it will cost an extra £8 per month for M+ and L subscribers and £3 extra for XL subscribers.

If 500GB storage isn’t enough for you, the 1TB premium box will set you back £150 if you’re an existing subscriber or £200 if you’re a new customer looking to sign up to the service.

Are you already on board with TiVo, or looking to get it soon? Let us know what you think of Virgin’s new service via our Twitter page.