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Vitastiq 2 Bluetooth Vitamin tracker Review

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Vitastiq kindly sent us the new bluetooth version of their vitamin tracker to review. Funded via the help of Indiegogo’s crowdfunding; it is the first personal vitamin tracker that indicates your nutrient trend.
The device uses the science behind Electroacupuncture (EAV) and applies those principles via the nib of the pen in contact with your skin. Vitastiq is actually measuring the resistance of the skin at the acupuncture points and correlating this information depending on the vitamin being measured.

The method of use is both painless and non-invasive. We have included a video below showing just how much of a breeze it is to use. The Vitastiq 2 uses the same app with the same features as the Vitastiq 1st edition.
Medical establishments have been using these kinds of devices for quite a while now and it can only be a good thing that everyone is now able to track their nutrient levels from the comfort of their own home, as long as they realise it is just a guide.

The Vitastiq 2 is the wireless version that has been recently released:

‘Thanks to Bluetooth LE technology, Vitastiq 2 has even better compatibility with smartphones and tablets. This device is convenient, efficient and allows even higher precision. It is made of titanium, a more durable and lighter material.’

Here at Gadgethelpline we sent it around the office to get a general feel on whether this is actually giving different readings depending on the person tested and their dietary habits.

Each member of staff was asked if they thought that the reading was correct, and in general, everyone agreed that their reading made some sense.

We took two tests per person spread out over two weeks to give them a chance to change their habits for the positive if they so wished.

Two of the volunteers tested decided to change their diets after the first test. One took two supplements to counter his first reading and this showed up on the second test. And the latter ate badly, generally junk for the week and most of the levels went down, which the volunteer completely agreed with. Full marks to Vitastiq on that one!


The app is straightforward and simple to set up, the device itself is simple and neat to look at as well. 
Both light, and wireless it is not cumbersome at all to use and easy to grip. We believe it is a fair price considering what it will monitor for you on a regular basis.


The device can be quite fiddly and will reset the test on the app regularly until you adjust to how it likes to work. What we mean by this is knowing through experience when it is about to reset the connection if the measuring does not start on a particular nutrient. This issue is not a big deal in itself but can be a little annoying if you are almost done with the test then have to go back to calibration again.


The Vitastiq 2 Bluetooth vitamin tracker is really useful if you need to know you are following a healthy diet track without having to bother your doctor every day.  This is the main point here, bear in mind that with any medical issues you have, a doctor is probably the best person to see. That aside, if you are feeling a bit under the weather and you have one of these, it does not hurt to see what your nutrient levels are as the answer to your problem is usually found in what you give your body to work with.


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  1. Does it connect to apple healthkit because thats what i need it to do all this data is useless if i cant upload to healthkit

  2. Thanks for your question. We have had confirmation that this device will not work with Apple Healthkit.

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